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We've got data from traditional and social media ready to use on your request.

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I'm a new CEO: Carve out a new category
I'm a new CMO: Identify blind spots and opportunities
I'm at an Agency: Prepare for your client pitch
I'm a Public Relations Officer [Inhouse]: Measure your impact

Let us uncover emerging cultural trends and must-know information.

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The Coup X Piar


The Coup stands for purposeful communications and a focus on opportunity identification, go-to-market activation, product adoption, and thought leadership.

We partnered with media intelligence firm Piar to deliver a blueprint for insight driven success.


We asked our clients what they want in 2024, and the answer is technology-driven analysis and the expert insights and advice that result.

To deliver, The Coup & Piar provide you with instant status and trend analysis for your business.

Get Your Status and Trend Report

72h Turnaround $900
  • Missed channel identification
  • Trend identification
  • Industry expertise learnings
  • Brand category learnings
  • Measurement of messages and goal alignment
  • Insights and Action Plan suggestions


Our Status & Trend PR Report facilitates the development of a comprehensive marketing & communications plan tailored to your organization's needs, enabling effective measurement and analysis of communication strategies to drive desired outcomes.


We use media intelligence to gather data through:

  • Social Listening
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor Snapshot Analysis
  • Traditional Media

This empowers our experts to deliver:

  • Media Channels Identification
  • Topics in Your Industry
  • Trend Identification
  • Insights and Action Plan Suggestions

Once you booked your Status & Trend Report, you get access to our short questionnaire that asks about your overall business, PR and marketing activities and goals.

From there, we provide you with strategic insights on blind spots and targeted communications approaches.