The Startup Power Blast

The Startup Power Blast

The Coup stands for purposeful communications and a focus on opportunity identification, go-to-market activation, product adoption, and thought leadership.

Through public relations, we build the cornerstones of business - brand awareness, brand trust, and credibility, which drive measurable results such as increased Google results, domain authority, positive web sentiment, keyword positioning, and web traffic.

The Fast & Focused Startup Spotlight.

Startup Power Blast

For global press coverage and international awareness, we offer this 6-weeks power package.

Our focus markets for press coverage are North America, UK, Germany, and beyond.


Execution of a 6-weeks global PR outreach campaign, with the goal to increase brand awareness and press coverage in startup, tech, lifestyle, and business media outlets, including:

  • Development and distribution of a press announcement introducing your startup to news media outlets globally, from broad media such as TV, radio, and newspapers to business magazines and podcasts
  • Article developments and placements in startup & technology and special interest magazines, print and online, in the English language in global magazines with the focus markets USA, UK, Asia-Pacific and beyond, and the German language for the Germany, Austria, and Switzerland markets.
  • Founder media introduction and pitching for interviews in print, online, and broadcast /podcast
  • Outreach and connection with key influencers for potential collaborations
  • Implementation of PR opportunities such as media partnerships and newsletter features, give away placements in magazines, and content marketing activities
  • PR mentoring calls for growth strategies and brand development
  • Documentation of press coverage


  • You will get four one-on-one 1 hour PR consultation calls to guide you through the process
  • We will generate a minimum of 20 press articles or content publications for your startup.
  • We will generate a minimum of 5 interview opportunities for you as an entrepreneur or CEO of a startup.
  • You will receive a full report of recommendations on how to grow your startup after the campaign further.

The six-weeks tailored campaign is priced at EUR 1,950.

The offer is available on a limited basis to vetted startups.

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