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PR executive holding 10+ years experience. Digital branding expert. Ghostwriter for German execs. World Traveler with a great passion for Asia.

Interviews and Mentions

January 2019 ++ Lebenslust TV ++ DIY Public Relations - If you ever wondered what my project PRontheGO is all about - You may watch this video interview with Bastian Lee Jones, Lebenslust TV ▷

Bastian Lee Jones
Interviewed by Bastian Lee Jones, Lebenslust TV

December 2018 ++ SIA Business Podcast ++ I am sharing my insights on public relations in general, how I got into PR, the right way to pitch to the media, how to build relations with editors & journalists, and how companies can leverage PR to be more known and build their brands. ▷

Melanie Marten The Coup
SIA Business Podcast

October 2018 ++ They do comms ++ Branswer, a smart content writing platform, asked me to share about my background in Public Relations ▷

Melanie Marten The Coup
Interview with the Content Marketing startup

July 2018 ++ The Ins and Outs of PR for Product Launches ++ Meltwater asked me and other PR experts to weigh in on the best way to craft PR for product launches ▷

Put the founders first: You need the people behind the product to step up and give the product a soul. Melanie Marten about PR for product launches

July 2018 ++ What are your tips for working on the business but not in the business? ++ Rescue a CEO asked me and other entrepreneurs to Share Tips For Working ON the Business But not IN the Business ▷

Melanie Marten The Coup
My tip for the entrepreneurial blog Rescue a CEO

July 2018 ++ Top 35 Local Marketing Ideas & Resources from the Pros ++ asked me and other PR and Marketing Pros about our best tip for Local Businesses ▷

Melanie Marten The Coup
My tip for Local Businesses at

July 2018 ++ Interview with IdeaMensch ++ I provide my tips on the crowdsourced interview platform for entrepreneurs, makers and doers ▷

Melanie Marten The Coup
Interview with IdeaMensch
Keep on working on your vision every day, and you’ll reach your goals eventually. Everything comes to her who hustles while she waits. Melanie Marten for

June 2018 ++ How to Get Free Media Publicity For You Work At Home Business ++ Publicity is a fabulous way to get your business out into the world! asked me and other experts for our tips on how to reach new clients and customers. ▷

Start an AMAfeed to introduce yourself as an expert in your field. AMA (short for’Ask Me Anything’) is an often overlooked, highly efficient promotional tool for entrepreneurs. Melanie Marten for

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