Ewen Gur

Artist Ewen Gur

French artist Ewen Gur brings the comical character to a new level. His innovative forms of figurative expressions come in perfect outlines and deliver the perfect "groove". His works never lack humor, and that's the message: Breathe, enjoy life and be rock’n’roll.

Brand Collaborations

Ewen creates digital artworks for brands for creative marketing purposes. Get in contact for your quote on an Ewen Gur artwork for content marketing, branding, social media marketing, product design or event purposes.

Email Melanie Marten at office@thecoup.de.

Branding Examples

Ewen Gur Mio Mio Mate
Ewen Gur X Amazon Fashion (2018)
Ewen Gur Mio Mio Mate
Ewen Gur X Mio Mio (2018)
Ewen Gur Seerene
Ewen Gur X Seerene (2017)
Ewen Gur Seerene
Ewen Gur X Gallery8arts (2015)
Ewen Gur Fila Deichmann
Ewen Gur X Fila X Deichmann (2014)
Ewen Gur Galeries Lafayette Premium Exhibitions
Ewen Gur X Galeries Lafayette X Premium Exhibitions (2011)
Ewen Gur Zeha Berlin Oliver Rath
Ewen Gur X Zeha Berlin X Oliver Rath (2011)

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